Sunday, June 13, 2010

16 and 1 - 1

So I set out to do a 15 miler yesterday morning.   Running from roughly downtown Annapolis through some of the neighborhoods and back.  Noel and I set out together with her planning on doing 7ish and me planning on doing the 15.  Since it was another one of these typical hot and humid days in Maryland it was moderately oppressive when we started out so I forced Noel to chug along at a roughly 10:30 pace....which I've become convinced is my "hot pace."

As for the run itself it went pretty well.  We did 7 miles through the largely shadeless streets of Annapolis to one of the parks in the area - "Quiet Waters" park.  At that point Noel peeled off and headed back to the car and I put in the rest of my miles.  Since we were at the park I decided that I should duck into the park and run on their trails where I'd be in the shade.  There is a nice paved shaded trail in the park that runs for roughly a mile and a half.  I did two out and backs on that and headed back towards the car.   I put in another three miles finishing up right over the Annapolis/Eastport bridge and turned left onto Duke of Glouster street which heads uphill to State Circle.  I quickly discovered that I really wasn't up for an uphill run.  I called it a day and walked back to the car.

As for the run it wasn't too bad.  The heat was pretty oppressive, but I'm just going to have to suck it up and deal with that.  Fortunately the marathon will be in November so heat shouldn't be much of an issue there.  I had some mysterious pain across the top of my foot between miles 8 and ~11 but it seemed to work itself out so I am not too concerned about that.  I speculate it was related to the wonkyness of the trail I was running on (roots and stuff across the trail).  I also managed my sodium intake much better this run.  I dumped in 6 Endurolyte tables during my run.  With the way I sweat, this was probably even lowballing it for me.  But I did notice that the post hot run headaches that I had been experiencing lately was only mildly present in the aftermath of this run.   To be fair though, this wasn't completely scientific because I finished off my run with a bloody mary and two Genius Stouts at Ram's Head tavern.  Endurolytes of stouts...who know's.  Guess I'll just have to have a stout after know for science.

I did experience some pretty significant pain after my run though.  I had what I would characterize as significant soreness from about mid calf to mid thigh in both legs.  I walked this off for about and hour and by the time I had finished up lunch of nachos and onion rings (and the drinks mentioned above) at the Ram's Head, I felt reasonable.

I banked 15 hours of sleep last night and by the time I woke up this morning I felt great.  I jumped on this morning and I discovered that I hadn't run the 15 miles that I planned to run, but I had in fact run 16 miles.   Noel tells me that 16 miles and beyond is the point where things start to break and you need to start being careful with your long runs.  I have 4 months until the race, so I can take it pretty easy on the build up.  She's putting together a training schedule for me so we'll see what the next few Saturday and Sunday mornings have in store for me.

All in all I think m performance was mich like that of the United State team vs. England yesterday - respectful but not outstanding and still leaving room for improvement.  Also for those of you who are curious why it was vs. England and not the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, here's the wiki on why.

Also, keep an eye on the blog this week.  I'm going to have a Father's day related sponsorship opportunity available in the next couple days.

Map of the run below:

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