Tuesday, June 08, 2010

No, it really is the heat

Those of you who live in the greater DC area, know we've just rolled through a bit of a mild heat wave. We had a stretch there where we knocked out a couple 95 degree days. I had the poor sense to run in those temperatures, a couple times at mid day. Which in hindsight was just plain dumb. It was also a bit demoralizing, because my pace was getting it's ass kicked. I was starting to think that the strong time that I posted up in Providence was an aberration and my running strength had gone to poo.

Turns out I think it might have just been the heat (although the humidity didn't help either). I went out thonight in lovely 75 degree weather and felt very strong. Did a nice 6 mile run from my office to the Lincoln Memorial and back and felt really good when I finished. Although I didn't have my Garmin with me so I might just be imagining I have more ability than I do.

Anyway, provided greater DC doesn't see another day this summer over 75 degree I should be golden.

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