Monday, July 19, 2010

Still Chugging Along

Things on the training front are still going relatively well.  Per Noel's suggestion I have dialed back the milage a little bit lately from the 16 that I topped out at a couple weeks back.  I've been doing 10s and 12s lately, with some short week night training thrown in here and there.   Jake's also going out for JV soccer this fall so we've been practicing after work some nights, so I've been supplementing the straight running with some soccer practice.    I've also been keeping on the bike.  I've started to see announcements for cyclocross races come through my emails, so I am starting to realize that I need to get some cycling miles in to be ready for 'cross in the fall.    Had a great ride with Josh from the team last week and he stomped on me on the hills so I'm going to need to do some hill work before the season starts.

The cut back in running miles has actually been nice considering the weather in the mid-Atlantic lately.  Its just been to plain hot to run.   Hopefully that will break soon.  

Other stuff is pretty quiet.   I am of course still fundraising.  I got a nice mention on dcBlogs and welovedc  of my recent fundraising solicitation.  You can of course click here to support my fundraising efforts.  

I'm also thinking of running the River Valley Ranch 10k if my schedule permits this summer.  Looks like it should be a fun trail run.

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