Sunday, September 12, 2010

16 in the Rain

I was awoken at 6 am by pouring rain.  When it's loud enough to stir me from a sleep it's raining pretty hard.  I had pushed the weekend run to Sunday so I was figuring that I was going to have to run in a frog-strangler.   I went back to bed flirting with various scenarios to postpone my run -- I'd do 16 after work on Monday (nothing makes more sense than running until 9:30 at night in the district), I'd do the run after dinner in Edgewater (ditto on late night running in AA Co.) or I'd just blow it off and wait another week (unlike the President of Turkenistan I can't manipulate the calendar and I have increasing increments of runs each week between now and Nov. 7th - there are no spare weeks)

So after a few hours of fitful sleep mulling over various implausible excuses to not drag my butt out and run in the rain, I woke up and went and checked out the weather.

Fortunately the frogs were no longer being strangled, but it was still raining.  The little indoor/outdoor thermometer thing on top of my TV said it was 64 degrees out --- nearly perfect running temp, so I really had no good excuse not to get out on the road.  So I packed the girls up for Hebrew School and started my long run.  

The rain was one of those persistant mists that just keeps blowing a constant spray in your face, but doesn't sting and never really pushes you around.  I suspect it's what it's like to run in Seattle.  

The run itself was pretty good.  I increased the quantity of hills by starting the run at the synagogue and heading over an overpass and up a hill before I got back to the Naval Academy bridge.   The NA Bridge was at mile 4 and by then i was getting into my groove and feeling fairly strong.  I was trying to dose out the energy in a relatively even pace and not dump it all out in the first few miles.  I maintained a roughly 10:10 pace through mile 8.   I turned around and headed back to the beginning, where I promptly lost the satellites on the Garmin and any idea of what kind of pace I was putting up.  

I felt strong throughout the run.  I think I probably averaged around a 10:30 pace for the last 8 miles.   I don't have an exact time for the run, but I didn't feel pooped at the end and feel very ready to put up 17 next week.  

All in all once I was soaked - which was about 5 minutes in - the run was very enjoyable.  Because of the rain, I pretty much had the trail and roads to myself.  I saw maybe 5 runners and 5 bikes - which is astonishing for a fall Sunday morning - and a squad of mids doing PT.  One guy had gotten shelled out that back, but had his buddy running with him entreating him to "keep up the pace."  Always impressive young men.

I felt good when I got home and I got a "Give me a D" "D" A D D Y from Noel and Bekah when I came in.  As always, Team Jones is super supportive.

Here's my course:

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