Saturday, September 11, 2010

Good week of training

I had a nice week of training.  Rocked the cross training this week.  Had a nice road bike ride with Noel on Monday from the house to the naval academy golf course.  Being that it was Labor day the roads were pretty empty, making for a nice ride.   Tuesday night I did a nice six mile run from my office down the mall and around the Lincoln Memorial.  Thursday night I jumped on with the MORE MTB riders and did a cross practice/mtb ride over in Fort DuPont.  Fort DuPont is a hidden gem over in Anacostia -- 10 minute ride from the Hill where you can hit some decent trails close to home.  The trails are well maintained and theres some nice swooping up and down some hills.

Other than the two flats and me forgetting to bring a spare or a pump, the ride was great and nice to try to sharpen the bike handling skills in advance of 'cross season starting in a couple of weeks.

With fall starting it looks like we might be in for a prolonged period of nice weather.  I'm going out tomorrow morning to knock out a 16 mile run.   Longest run evah.  I'm optimistic that it'll go well.  More details soon.

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