Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's all mental

As you can see from my last post, my last run sucked.  complete and total train wreck sucked.   I was pretty demoralized afterwards, becuase I was convinced that I had broken something and the marathon training was coming off the tracks.  To compound things, the muscle along the bottom of my foot (plantar fascia) was starting to hurt.  I'd heard numerous horror stories from Noel's runner friends on how plantar fasciatis had sidelined them for prolonged periods of time.  In the best "glass-half-full" tradition, I assumed that my foot was shot and I wasn't going to be able barely able to hobble for weeks.

Noel basically dug me out of ditch on this one.  On the foot front, she had a frozen bottle of water in the freezer and had me do some rolling on the bottle right away and gave me some stretches that I should and shouldn't do to relax the muscles that were making my foot hurt.   By Thursday my foot was feeling relatively normal and I seemed to have gotten past that problem.

I was still pretty worried about the run come Sunday morning.   I was assuming that something horrible would happen when I got out on the trail - somehow last week all of my running ability had been sucked out of me and I was completely screwed.

Noel reminded me that sometimes you just basically have crappy runs, and that there were in fact some very real reasons for last week's anomoly (fasting and heat).  And more importantly, it was going to be cool out that morning and I had eaten and hydrated properly the last couple days.

The run itself was pretty routine.  I felt strong thoughout.  It wasn't easy by any means --- 18 miles likely will never be, but I finished with Dizzee Rascal on the iPod and felt strong.  The weather cooperated alot - it drizzled and stayed in the 60s...even dipping a bit to get almost cold for a few minutes.  Also on Noel's advice I increased my fuel intake to not less than one Jelly Belly Sports Beans packet per hour.

Mentally and physically I felt very good about this run.  I maintained a 10:30 pace which was strong for 18 miles for me.

Finally I capped the whole thing off with an ice cold chocolate mile.  Best recovery drink ever.   Feels good to be back on track.

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