Tuesday, September 07, 2010

A mile a week

I'm doing my darndest to keep true to my training plan.  This week I knocked out 15 miles (up a mile from last week's 14).  I was able to keep a 10:30 pace for the duration of the run.  It's not the 4 hour 40 minute pace I wanted to aim for for the marathon, but it is a sub 5 hour marathon....although considering the cliff that my splits fell off of on the last couple miles of Saturday's run, I might be timing the last few miles of the marathon with a calendar (if I can ever figure out how to display the splits you'll see things going awry).   In fairness to me though, I do seem to run better when I am running with thousands of my friends.   Since there will be 35,000 of my closests friends with me in NYC I will hopefully get a huge boost.

As for the run itself, it wasn't too bad.  I started at the local grocery store on the other side of the Naval Academy bridge.  By doing that I tossed two significant (the bridge) and two more minor hills into the run.  Since I am going to be climbing who knows how many bridges during the marathon, I figured that I should do some hill climbing.     

The first climb over teh bridge wasn't too bad.  Considering I was about 3/4 of a mile into the run this shouldn't have been any surprise.   I ran the rest of the way up to the B&A trail which I've done at least 15 times in the past.  It's a pretty well traveled route and on a beautiful Saturday morning there were tons of bikers, runners and families out traveling the trail.  It was nice to have such beautiful weather to share a good run with my neighbors.

As an aside, leaves are starting to fall already and it's only a matter of time before the trails are littered with beautiful, albeit dangerous, orange and yellow leaves.   The end of summer is upon us.

The duration of the run on the B&A was unremarkable.  I did enjoy listening to Dizzee Rascal a bunch of times along the trail.  Dirtee Disco is a quality running track. 

The run on the way back over the bridge was considerably less fun.  Intellectually I know it wouldn't have been faster walking, but the pathetic way I was trudging up the bridge half hunched over was a bit demoralizing.   I got to the top though and I finished the last 3/4 mile strong and not dead.

I got back to Grauls, downed a bottle of milk chocolate, a ginseng tea, pint of limeade and 4 Enduralites.   I need to keep the salt in otherwise I get a killer headache.  I headed home, cleaned up and took a nap.

All in all a good run, and while I don't know that I would have wanted to do another 11 on Saturday, I think if I had had to I certainly could have.  I'm feeling good that by the time the marathon comes that I will be able to put in 26.2 without it completely killing me.

Below are the details on the run.

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